About Ubershield


Ceramic Window Films

Ceramic Window films are widely used in today’s times on cars, houses and buildings. The concept of Über Shield is designed using High Performance Nano-Technology that combines various durable non-reactive ceramic materials. This is to protect substrate materials against corrosion, oxidation and wear. Most of the common ceramic window films also known as “Infrared film” contain organic elements for achieving the infrared rejection performance in the specific nanometer wavelength of the solar spectrum. This is only to cater for a specific wavelength.


Über Shield is produced using 2 ply optical clear polyster structure. This film is constructed using High Performance Nano-Technology adding carbon elements, mineral elements together with 100% pure ceramic inorganic elements. This combination enhances the performance and the stability of shorter nanometer wavelength as well as longer nanometer wavelength of the solar spectrum. It is suitable to be used on all automotive and architectural glass for better heat and glare rejection. This results in energy and cost saving. Due to 2 ply optical clear polyester structure, the product enhances clarity without distortion or blur vision at any time of the day. It also enhances the durability of the product life-span due to the film structure and construction.


Über Shield offers a wide range of product selections catered to different requirements and needs, from a light to dark shade with high heat rejection and UV protection. All products are backed by strong manufacture warranty coverage.